Belgium fans could be fined for displaying branded flags

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Belgium fans could be fined for displaying branded flags

10:38 AM ET

  • Ian Holyman

Belgium fans could be fined for flying their nation's flag during the World Cup.

Brewery AB InBev has produced a version of Belgium's tricolour flag stamped with the logo of their most famous beer, Jupiler, which has been rebranded as Belgium for the duration of the tournament.

However, supporters wishing to show their colours by displaying the branded flag could fall foul of local laws on advertising if they do not pay a tax.

"If the mayor doesn't respect the tax, even though it's applicable in the area, he would be doing something illegal," Michel Mause, an expert in fiscal law, told Radio 1.

The amount of any fine would be determined by the size of the flag, ranging from €30 to €50, Mause said.

Belgian police have also warned fans they should be wary of putting specially designed covers on the mirrors of their cars.

"At the risk of playing killjoy, the socks that decorate the mirrors in the colours of our country are very nice, but they are forbidden if the mirrors have indicators on them or they reduce the visibility in your mirror," authorities in Walloon Brabant, the childhood home of Eden and Thorgan Hazard, posted on Facebook.

"Think about it, or you risk paying a €58 fine. It's up to you to decide."

Source: Google News Belgium | Netizen 24 Belgium

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