Matthias Schoenaerts: how the Belgium Brando made it in Hollywood

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Matthias Schoenaerts: how the Belgium Brando made it in Hollywood

Actor Matthias Schoenaerts has just dropped his bottle of Evian on the all-white shag rug under his feet. “It’s only water,” I shrug, blithely. “Actually I mixed it with a bit of vodka,” jokes Schoenaerts in a pronounced American accent, sticking his tongue out of the side of his mouth and throwing his pupils in opposite directions. “Then it becomes more fun,” he spits, enunciating the last word like Jack Nicholson chopping down a bathroom door.

The Belgian is currently onto his last day of promoting new movie Red Sparrow at Claridge’s in London. As any actor will tell you, the tedious repetition of these promotional activities can catch up on you. But Schoenaerts is dealing with it in good humour. “It freezes your brain, but I don’t want to moan.” Anyway, the contracted engagements are nearing an end â€" he is set to leave London straight after our meeting and journey 50 minutes by plane to his home in Antwerp.

In Red Sparrow, Schoenaerts plays Ivan Dimitrevich Egorov, the bureaucratic uncle of Jennifer Lawrence’s lead, who notices her ‘powers of seduction’ and thusly coerces her into joining him in the Russian secret service. It’s a proper spy blockbuster, i.e. the Americans are good and the Russians, for the most part and especially in Schoenaerts’ case, are bad. Red Sparrow has lashings of gore, gratuitous nudity and Bourne-esque grit.

Source: Google News Belgium | Netizen 24 Belgium

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